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75th Anniversary of The Scots College Branch School 1942-1945

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 12 Sep
Last week we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of The Scots College Branch School 1942-1945. The Branch School was the precursor of The Scots School Bathurst which began in 1946. We had 8 Old boys from these years with their wives to celebrate with a 75th Anniversary Dinner on Wednesday night followed by a day at the school on the Thursday. They enjoyed their tour of the School and especially talking to three Year 12 students about their HSC Major Works for Design & Technology. I particularly wish to thank Matilda Ryan, James Anderson and Wes Stanfield for the way they engaged with the guests in talking through their HSC Major Works.

Following the School Tour, we celebrated with a special Assembly where we were treated to four amazing speeches. Mrs Diane Morton spoke to the Assembly about the history of the Lee Brothers and the Karralee Homestead. Mrs Morton is a historian who has completed a comprehensive study of the Lee family. She is a direct descendent and her mother and grandmother were born in what is now the Headmaster’s Office! Mr Bill Morton and Mr Hugh Ralston spoke eloquently about the first months and years in Bathurst and Judge ‘Quack’ Davidson spoke with great humour about 1945 & 1946 and the broader world context. All present were also privileged to see a power point presentation of the history of The Scots School in decades from the beginning to the present day. Following lunch, the old Boys and their wives split up to conduct a Q & A in year groups where the students asked many intelligent questions. At the end of the day, the guests spent an hour in Karralee looking at archival photos and reminiscing about where they lived in that time; 14 of them lived in what is now my office.

It was a truly wonderful celebratory occasion which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students, staff and the guests of honour. I particular wish to thank the following people for their tremendous work in organizing the day: Old Boy Tim Hector (1942), Mrs Lynda Ireland and Mr Andrew Maher. I also wish to thank Mr Gil MacKenzie and the Pipe Band and the two school Captains, Alice Powell and Lewis Wilde for their assistance on the day.

David Gates
Mr. David Gates

Presbyterian Church of NSW buys All Saints' College

Thursday, August 31, 2017 31 Aug
Announcement to
The Scots School Community
29 August 2017

On behalf of the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW, we are very pleased to announce that the Bishop in Council and the All Saints’ College Council have accepted our offer under an Expression of Interest to purchase All Saints’ College.

The opportunity to bring together two leading Protestant schools in Bathurst as one is an aspiration that many individuals in our two churches and our two school communities have prayed about for a long time.

The Trustees of the Presbyterian Church are privileged to be provided with this opportunity by the Bishop in Council and the All Saints’ College Council. We wish to assure The Scots School community, and the school community at All Saints’ College, of our desire to combine the best of our two schools together into one school that glorifies God, and in which present and future generations of students will be proud.

The Trustees and the Board of The Scots School Bathurst believe this will benefit the students, staff and parents of both schools and expand the educational opportunities in the City of Bathurst.

While we will be working through a due diligence process over the next few weeks, we wish to provide the following assurances to the parents and staff of both schools:

1. We are committed to the continuity of education and the staffing structures of both schools for 2018. Parents of current Year 10 and Year 11 students can be assured of the continuity of their children’s subject choices for the HSC without change.

2. The student leadership of both schools will not change in 2018.

3. We will form a working group with representatives from both schools to develop a change management plan for 2019 and following years. This will include review of the name of the combined school, structure, and a myriad of other decisions that will naturally arise from the bringing together of two schools.

4. Although we cannot promise, our strong preference is to maintain and operate two campuses for current and future generations of students, and the purchase of All Saints will not require the sale of any property.

While this announcement may cause some parents, students and staff, some anxiety in the immediate short term, we wish to assure you of our considered approach to the governance and combined structure of the two schools. We will not be rushing into decisions, but will be seeking to facilitate a close working relationship involving representatives from both the school communities as we plan for the future.

We believe the merger of two respected schools in Bathurst will provide students with a wider choice of subjects and co-curricular opportunities at every level of their education and will provide students of both schools with enhanced opportunities to develop their interests and character.

The coming together of the two schools will show that Bathurst, as a leading regional city in NSW, will be well served by its schools in the State, Roman Catholic and Protestant sectors. This should give present and prospective parents of students the assurance that their children will be educated in a way that suits their abilities and develops their potential.

We expect that the purchase process will be conducted professionally and speedily over the next few weeks.

Again, on behalf of the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW, and The Scots School Bathurst Board, we wish to assure all staff, parents and students of our commitment to the education of our students to the highest standards, within a Christian worldview.

Jeoffrey (Jeof) Falls
General Manager
Presbyterian Church (NSW)
Property Trust

Adrian Lamrock
Board Chairman
The Scots School

David Gates
The Scots School Bathurst
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