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" Trouthe and Honour Fredom and Curteisie "
Message from the Chaplain

Message from the Chaplain

Samuel Gittins

At The Scots School we believe that it is important to give everyone in the community an opportunity to engage with the Christian World view of life and an understanding of the Christian faith; centered in the work and person of Jesus as revealed in the Bible. We also seek to provide every student with the opportunity to know the Christian message, to appreciate its validity and value, and to respond personally.

In our Chapel services this term we are exploring the Apostle’s Creed which reminds us of the foundational truths of the Christian Faith. Our term will finish with a lesson on Easter. Our Commencement Service is held at The Scots School where we will consider what kind of worship pleases God: “…and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8b [ESV].

Through open discussion and activities students of The Scots School will explore a wide scope of Biblical topics. This term:
•    Pre-Kindergarten are looking at how God made us, and even though people forgot about him and have therefore made the world not as good as when God made it, he promised to do something about it, sending Jesus who showed us how things can be so much better with his miracles and teaching about life, enabling us to be friends with God again, dying and rising to make that real, taking away our sins so we can be with God not just now but forever in his wonderful new world one day.
•    Kindergarten will begin exploring topics on God and His world: God, you and me; God made the world; God made people; God is loving and good. They then will look at our troubled world and God’s remedy.
•     Years One to Six are all considering [at age appropriate levels] how God has worked in and through history to establish His Kingdom. In Term one, these classes will focus particularly on the first book of Samuel in the Bible.
•    Year Seven will begin their progress through Mark’s account of Jesus’ life and are reflecting on the questions about who is Jesus.
•     Year Eight will begin a flying overview of the Bible beginning with the account of Human Beginnings and the Big Promise of God to restore us.
•    Year Nine class will continue their overview of the Bible as they explore the accounts recorded in the Bible’s history books from Joshua to 2 Chronicles. This is where God’s people are saved time and time again, despite their constant rebellion, through flawed heroes. We see that God calls His people to trust in Him first in all things.
•    Year Ten will reflect on how the Christian World View can inform our choices and how God’s way works best. They will also explore questions that are commonly raised when thinking about who God is and how we understand the Bible.
•    Year Eleven and Twelve students are exploring the history of Jesus as written by Jesus’ follower John and are discussing both the miracles of Jesus and His amazing claims to be the one who offers us life eternal.
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