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The Ball this year will be held on Saturday 10th November from 6pm to 12am.  A link to the Booking Form will be posted here closer to the date.
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Reunions at the School in 2018

The following reunions are due to be held this year. If you would like to assist in hosting the reunion, please contact the Enrolments and Promotions Officer, Mrs Lynda Ireland. Email or Telephone 63312766.
 1958 60 years
 1968 50 years
 1978 40 years
 1988 30 years
 1998 20 years
 2008 10 years
 2013 5 years

Children and Grandchildren of Past Students – 2017

Craig Tall Ship Harbour Cruise

On Saturday the 7th of March 2015 The Old Boys and Girls Association welcomed many of its members and the broader Scots community on board the James Craig.
Sydney certainly turned on a beautiful afternoon of weather on the harbour with Blue Skys, a gentle Nor Easter and temps of 27 degrees. This set the scene for a great afternoon on the harbour. As people arrived at the wharf you could feel the energy and excitement building. We had a really mixed crowd of Old boys and Girls from many different eras in the school. We had people from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 00s. The event was also well supported by friends and families of the school.
The 4 hour cruise started with welcome drinks and guests mingling.  Our guest speaker for the day Mark Ella arrived and was instantly engaged by the guests.  We were given the safety talk and told that if the boat sank then put your life jacket on and use the emergency exits which was code for jump overboard. With that thought safely locked away the ship left the wharf and we made our way out of Darling Harbour and under the Harbour Bridge. What a magnificent backdrop for old friends and family to mingle and enjoy each others company and some really fabulous food and drinks.
The next 3 hours whizzed by.  We had a wonderful lunch served to us by the fabulous staff from Earth Catering who did a wonderful job with the food and the beverage. I had the privilege of addressing everyone and introducing Mark Ella, Wallaby legend. Mark entertained us with stories from his schoolboy rugby days and also his senior years as a Wallaby. Whilst Mark was giving his speech we turned the ship around in the heads with a fair swell running. I doubt if Mark has ever had a stage that moved so much. To his credit he didn’t miss a beat as he rocked with the ship. On the way back up the harbour everyone mingle and settled in to a really great period of the afternoon.  As i looked around i saw Old Boys and Girls all talking and really enjoying themselves laughing and mixing with those they had not seen for a long time.  Unfortunately the ship was back at the wharf all too quickly and many people said goodbye and headed home. Quite a large contingent closed the day over the road at the Pyrmont Hotel and various venues for dinner.
I would like to make a special mention of a few families and individuals who supported the day with great strength. Families who deserve special mention are the Inwoods, Webbs and the Hunters. I would like to say a special thanks to my wife Karen for her tireless support and help in making the day the success it was. Michael Inwood was also a huge support. Thank you to all the year reps that spent time sending emails and ringing their year group drumming up support. Without all of you the day would not have been as successful.
On behalf of the Old Boys and Girls Association I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support. Without your great support events like this cannot be held. It is so encouraging to see the Association putting on events and seeing our members looking forward to coming along and enjoying themselves with their friends and families.
I look forward to seeing you all at The Blue Black and Gold Ball on the 7th of  November 2015.
Ian Quant
President Old Boys & Girls Association

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The Scots School Bathurst Old Boys and Girls Association

Would you like to re-connect with your old class mates?  Are you interested in attending a reunion?

2015 marks a significant occasion for many of our previous cohort groups. 1985-30 years, 1990-25 years, 1995-20 years, 2000-15 years, 2005-10 years, 2010-5 years.

Please contact Lynda Ireland, Enrolments and Promotions Officer, and Secretary of the Old Boys and Girls Association, to register your interest on 02 6331 2766 to discuss or email:

 Rabbit Trap Weekend October Long Weekend 2014

It was fantastic to see so many people from The Scots School community make the journey to the Rabbit Trap Hotel, Albert for the Old Boys and Girls reunion.  About one hundred and seventy people travelled from around NSW to enjoy the evening catching up with the past and present families from The Scots School community.  
The afternoon started with drinks at “The Rabbit Trap” with many people enjoying looking through past Lions and memorabilia from the school. Children were entertained by Gage’s entertainment on the jumping castle and the mechanical bull followed by Karaoke.  
Thank you to John Larkings, Tim Bell, Graham Jones, James Patton, Neville Jones, Kate Larkings and, Oliver Simpson who provided some entertainment parading down Albert main street and through the Hotel playing the pipes and drums.
There was plenty of camping available at Albert and the cabins were booked out for the weekend.  We hosted forty people for Sunday morning breakfast at the Albert Golf Club and followed up with a golf tournament.  Congratulations to Lindsay Knott for taking out the inaugural Old Boys & Girls Golf trophy.
Thank you to Ian and Karen Quant for their help in organising the event and to Rod and Meryl Ramsay from the The Rabbit Trap Hotel for hosting such a successful event.  We appreciated everyone who helped set up on Saturday and clean up on Sunday, thank you.
The success of the weekend must be attributed to all the people who made the effort to attend the weekend, we were very overwhelmed with the positive response and we look forward to events in the future.
Gordon Larkings

  Headmaster Mr David Gates addressing the Reunion Group



Tim Bell on the Pipes                              Ryan Pratten, Gordon Larkings, Alan Greenland      

Children, Grand Children, of Past Students. February 2015

Reunions Class of 1979 – Neale Towart
The Year of 79 (well those who would have been, could have been, who made it) managed to cobble together a reunion in early November.
Rear: Peter Bateman, Hamish Thompson, Paul Mackay, Ian McGufficke (looking away!)
Middle: Ian Wilson, Steve Rose, Tom McCutcheon, Neale Towart, Ian Richardson, Howard Brownlee, Adam Hawken, Simon Rofe, Ian Pearce, Darren Riles, David Hunter, Barry McCrae, David Gates (a ring in)
Front: Graeme Savage, Nils Gustafson (a ring in also, from 1978), Brett Jones, Michael Coghlan (Forger)
Ian Rutherford, Paul Groves, Phil Volkofsky also came along. James Bryant dropped in on Friday night and a few shirked at the last moment (Vince Davies, Bert Phillips, John Ellis, Peter Conn, John Holman, Tim Byrne we are looking at YOU)
We gradually headed off on Sunday, a great weekend had by all.  Cogs actually established  our own facebook group and sent an invitation to the 2019 40th  (SERIOUSLY)
Awards were handed out:
The “What Is That Guy Taking” Dance Award…Cutch. Undisputed.
Biggest ticker… Oscar for his 5.45am effort on the first night. Willo was in contention, but he had a kip on Saturday arv.
Quickest email replies in the lead up and since… Cogs. Smashed it with the live transmission from the Melbourne Cup. What is it that you do, dude?
Weirdest travel arrangements… Rupert, for leaving at 2.30 am on Sunday for a 14 hour drive back to Brisbane.
Shortest… Nils. The only reason he turned up was that he thought he was going to be taller than Squiz and Willie. Turns out that for all these years he has been studying the school photo from 1974. Idiot.
Best New First Best Friend…Baz. Not that he knows it, but I assume he is a Bunnies supporter, and for at least the first few games next year I am happy to call myself one. Depending, of course, on how they look to be travelling. We must get to a game old friend.
Best facial scar… Bear
The “We Must Catch Up More Often Because You Live In A Cool Place Award”…Guff. And Willie. But we never do. Stupid isn’t it. Going to now but.
Best Rugby Brain…Richo. Think we need to find a guy who knows a guy who can get this guy into a position of authority in the rugby hierarchy.
Least changed in appearance since school… Bulldog. Adso, Howard and Rofie up there, so too Graham. Don’t let that go to your heads. You were no oil paintings then either.
Least changed in mental capacity (OK make that personality) since school… Bulldog. Harsh, perhaps. But I had to spend seven hours in the car with him. Still giggling.
The “Dude you look more and more like how I remember your dad looked” award…Chook, with Pearcy a close second.
Most photos taken….Macka. Daylight second. Then Gomer.
The Good Luck With Your New Venture Award…Macka again. Sounds like you are putting together a veritable toyshop full of high tech stuff. Hope it goes well.
The Sir Billy McMahon Memorial Cup For Those Judged To Be Punching  Highest Above Their Weight…Bruiser. Three words pal. You..old.. dawg.
Best Paul Simon lookalike…Grover.
Biggest sacrifice made…Squiz. Stayed for the Sunday morning breakie while his 1 in 10 or 20 year wheat crop stood in the paddock just begging to be harvested. Hope the rain has stayed away since mate.
Most shafted…Willo on Sunday morning. Had to watch helplessly as Chook was served up three large flat whites before getting even a sniff of caffeine.

Class of 1984 30 year reunion
After trawling social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and intensive Googling we now have the majority of our year accounted for. The 2014 Blue Black and Gold Ball was the central event around which we chose to hold our 30 year reunion. A school tour with Simon Dundon on the Saturday Morning was very appropriate as Simon commenced teaching full time at The Scots School Bathurst in 1984. The stories were then flowing thick and fast as recollections from every corner of the school were embellished and recounted. A highlight was the impromptu pipes and Drums performance from Gill MacKenzie and Andrew Warner, possibly their first performance together in 30 years.
 We were lucky to have Rhod Grivas and Andrew Warner and Hugh Clarke join us for a short time.

The Blue Black and Gold Ball was a great event and the group was also joined by Stirling Ashby. A real bonus was meeting or renewing friendships with the many partners who came along for the weekend as well as catching up with guys from other years at the ball.

A couple of comments from the guys said it all.

Although I missed the Ball, it was great to catch up with some old faces, although we have matured and grown up over the 30 years, the personalities are still similar to what we all remember from the days shared together. I have forgotten so much about the events, it was good to have a laugh and relive a few. - Rhod Grivas

Sitting down with Stirling Ashby and reminiscing about liquid papering out his points and endless funny stories from our youth was priceless. I was a bit unsure about turning up, but only until I did.  It seems that even after 3O years we share a bond that deserves celebration.
– Hugh Clarke

Plans are being made to do it again soon.

Michael Inwood

Year of 1994 – 20 year Reunion

When planning the 20 year reunion- it was almost unanimous to hold the event in Bathurst and more importantly on the weekend of the Blue Black and Gold Ball. With a graduating year of around 50 students – it was hoped we would at least be able to muster approximately half of them, and we did. Unfortunately the weekend clashed with harvesting time, which meant some of our rural brethren were unable to attend, but all in all, we had a good response and we were able to at least to get in contact with nearly every lad that graduated in 1994.

Big efforts were made with Old Boys travelling from all over Australia and even Malaysia to partake in the weekends festivities. It started on the Saturday morning of the BBG ball with everyone corralling at the School before heading out to the O’Connell pub for some lunch and a good catch up over a sneaky beer. We headed back to the school and were taken on a tour of the old stomping ground by the headmaster. Tales of grandeur followed with the Old Boys reminiscing about their on and off field performances which may perhaps have been slightly inflated by time. After a great tour and a look at how the school had changed and progressed over the last twenty years it was time to throw on the glad rags and prepare for the ball.

I think I can confidently talk on behalf of everyone and say that a great deal of fun was had by the lads, enjoying the ball and more importantly picking up conversations that had been left almost 20 years ago but as if they had only seen each yesterday. It showed the importance of what good schooling and good friendships do in moulding a person’s character. This was particularly reflected by the small tribute to the three boys that we had lost from our graduating year and were not able to join us for the reunion.

The next morning saw a quick breakfast before everyone had to go their separate ways, with the promise to meet up more regularly and hopefully well before another 20 years have passed.

Dr Douglas Falconer.
Old Boy 1994

Some Photos from the 2004  reunion

2004  M Press, E Thompson, Robbie Peters, C Bailey, Mr Adams

2004  The Class of 2004 & Partners

On Saturday July 19, The Scots School Bathurst Class of 2009 held their 5 year reunion. An afternoon of drinks and nibbles in the main quad was quickly relocated to the newly revamped karralee room to escape the weather. We were joined by Mr Doney, Mr Adams, Mr Gates and Linda Ireland to help celebrate. After catching up, we went on a school tour guided by Linda, which quickly turned into an extended trip down memory lane and reminiscing about all the mischief we got up to at school, whilst admiring the developments that have taken place since we left such as the performing arts centre and the swimming pool.

The afternoon was followed by dinner at the vanilla bean. It was a great afternoon had by all and was great to catch up with former classmates. I would like to thank Mr Gates for the lovely welcome he gave and his assistance in organising the event. I would also like to give my sincerest thanks for Lynda Ireland, without her the event would not have been possible.  

Class of 2009 Reunion Tour of the school 19th July 2014 (2)

Nick Matus found his old apron in the DT Centre!

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