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" Trouthe and Honour Fredom and Curteisie "
Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Our students learn about the pleasure and enjoyment of making different kinds of artworks in 2D, 3D and/or 4D forms. They learn to represent their ideas and interests with reference to contemporary trends and how artists’ including painters, sculptors, architects, designers, photographers and ceramists, make artworks.

Our students learn how art is shaped by different beliefs, values and meanings by exploring artists and artworks from different times and places and relationships in the artworld between the artist – artwork – world – audience. They also explore how their own lives and experiences can influence their artmaking and critical and historical studies.

Our students use a range of materials and techniques, including traditional and more contemporary forms, site-specific works, installations, video and digital media and other ICT forms, to build a body of work over time. They learn to develop their research skills, approaches to experimentation and how to make informed personal choices and judgements. They learn to record procedures and activities about their artmaking practice in their Visual Arts diary.

They learn to investigate and respond to a wide range of artists and artworks in artmaking, critical and historical studies. They also learn to interpret and explain the function of and relationships in the artworld between the artist – artwork – world – audience to make and study artworks.

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