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The Scots School Bathurst
English Second Language Program

Our student intake
At The Scots School we have students from several ethnic backgrounds. Students come to the school for the purpose of improving their English skills to qualify for University in Australia. Our Intensive English program is based on the Australian English Second Language (ESL) Scales. With this as a basis we are able to track the student’s progress in their English acquisition.

About the ESL Scales
The ESL Scales framework is an assessment and reporting framework used to describe the English language and literacy competence of ESL students as identified from school, curriculum or class based assessment information. Outcomes and pointers describe English language acquisition in the school context in the three areas of Oral Interaction, Reading and Responding and Writing across a number of levels from beginners to a level approaching first language speaker competence. Use of the ESL Scales enables teachers to identify the English learning achievements of their ESL students and track their ESL learning progress against the outcomes and pointers of its standards framework. The ESL Scales provides a guide to required ESL learner skills and knowledge at different levels and can also be used to indicate the language demands of the oral and written texts students are expected to produce throughout the school curriculum. Both the NSW Board of Studies English K-6 Syllabus and English 7-10 Syllabus identify the English skills that ESL students need with reference to the levels and outcomes of the ESL Scales. (Cultural Diversity and Community Relations Policy: Multicultural education in schools, PD20050234)

An English test to begin and then to class
When a new student begins at Scots they are tested by the ESL teacher to ascertain their levels in Oral Interaction, Reading and Writing. They are then placed in suitable mainstream classes. This integration allows the students to make friends, a valuable source of learning, and places them in a situation that requires them to use their English in everyday situations. The students are encouraged to equip themselves with an electronic translator for use with unfamiliar English vocabulary and are encouraged to limit the use of their first language whilst at school.

The Program for International Students at The Scots School

The Teacher
At The Scots School the academic program is written and delivered by an experienced/qualified ESL specialist teacher. This teacher is directed by the Deputy Head of School. The teacher is also assisted by an ESL trained aide who is sent into mainstream classes by the teacher when required.  

The Classroom
At The Scots School a large permanent classroom is designated for the teaching of ESL. This room is equipped with many written and listening resources. It also has; a television/DVD/Video player, six (6) on-line computers and several CD players with head phones. This is a comfortable home room for the students.  The students are encouraged to visit this area and ask for assistance whenever they choose to do so.

Stages 1 - 3   (Junior School)
•    All students attend all mainstream classes.
•    Assistance is given by the ESL teacher, when it is requested by the Head of the Junior School.

Stages 4 & 5  (Years 7 – 10)
•    All students attend all mainstream classes.
•    ESL students in years 7 to 10 are required to attend an Intensive ESL program twice a week. This program is run outside the mainstream timetable. The program is based on the ESL scales.
•    Each student has an Achievement Record Book of their own and they are assessed twice a year to map their progress. This is noted in their record book and a report is sent to the parents/guardians.
•    The ESL teacher works with mainstream teachers to support and make adjustments when required with assessments for the ESL students, based on their English levels.
•    An ESL trained aide is placed in some of the mainstream classes, depending on need and as directed by the ESL teacher.
•    An additional teacher is available in the boarding house two nights a week to support students with their homework.

Stage 6  (Years 11 & 12)
•    Students in both the Preliminary and HSC years of schooling are enrolled in the HSC English (ESL) Course which is taught by an ESL specialist teacher
•    Additional assistance is provided in some other mainstream classes by the inclusion of an aide when requested by the teacher.
•    Private tutors are arranged at the student’s own cost upon request from their parents/guardians.

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