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The Australian Army Cadets is a youth leadership development program and one of the key leadership development programs offered exclusively in Bathurst at Scots All Saints College. It is a program designed specifically for young people to develop confidence, self-discipline, respect and enjoy the spirit of adventure. The program also instills the values of teamwork, initiative and moral courage. The Cadet Unit is a school-based unit which has sponsorship from the Australian Defence Force. The Cadet Unit is designed to be run by the school cadet leaders under the watchful eye of the cadet staff with older cadets having the opportunity to lead and mentor the younger recruits.

In 2019, Scots All Saints College will introduce the compulsory part of the Cadet program for students in Year 9 to develop their leadership skills through direct instruction from Cadet Leaders and staff and a variety of experiential opportunities over a 15-week program. This 15-week program aims to provide Year 9 with a short experience of what the Cadet program encompasses. Year 9 students will attend Cadets on Wednesday afternoons in Term 1 and Term 4. In Term 1, they will spend most of their time learning basic skills like Frist Aid, camp craft skills, map reading and navigation, use of two-way radios, problem solving and preparing for the Year 9 Cadet Camp which incorporates the compulsory Year 9 Outdoor Education experience.

In Term 4, a key focus is preparation for the Cadet Ceremonial Parade which will be held towards the end of the academic year. The completion of this experiential 15-week Cadet program by Year 9 students qualifies participants to join the Cadet Unit as a leader from Year 10 onwards. Alternatively, students with a very keen interest in Cadets may voluntarily join the Cadet Unit prior to Year 9, in the year they turn 13 to enable them to progress through the leadership training courses, conducted with the Australian Army, at a faster rate. The students embarking on the leadership of the Cadet Unit undergo their own very specific training as a leadership group on Wednesday afternoons in Terms 2 and 3.

Cadet leadership rank is attained by attending voluntary leadership training courses in School holiday breaks with other cadet units throughout the state usually at the Singleton Army Base. These courses give Scots All Saints College cadets the opportunity to go away for up to a week and stay with other cadets from units across NSW. They participate in various practical tests and give presentations with other potential cadet leaders. At the end of a course our cadets, along with others, will hopefully obtain the rank they have been training for. The skills developed on these courses include how to teach a lesson, leadership styles, people skills and proficiency with communication. These awards are nationally recognised and the rank worn by a cadet has been earned through a standardised series of tests.  The Cadet program provides wonderful opportunities for personal growth and development along with leadership credentials, which are highly regarded in the broader community.

The Cadet program is one of the most important and specific leadership development opportunities provided by the College. Students undertaking the leadership training courses with the NSW Army Cadets and taking on leadership rank after completing the Recruit Training Course in Year 9 are also able to use this opportunity to progress towards the achievement of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Cadet leadership rank and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme are both highly recognised and valued as part of a school student’s Record of School Achievement and also provide eligibility towards bonus points for the student’s ATAR. More significantly however, the Cadet program provides a wonderful opportunity for personal self-development, leadership training and challenge in an outdoor environment to develop confidence and resilience.

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The rank structure of the cadet unit is as follows:

Lance Corporal (LCPL)
Corporal (CPL)
Sargent (SGT)
Warrant Officer (WO1 or WO2)
The CSM or RSM
Cadet Under Officer (CUO)

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Year 8 and Cadet Leaders Camp

Year 8, and our Cadet leaders in Years 9-11, enjoyed an excellent Cadet Camp in the Blue Mountains last week. For the Cadet Leaders, this camp gives them the opportunity to develop their leadership skills with their group and to take on considerable responsibility. This is done under the watchful eye of an Outdoor Education instructor and our own staff member to ensure safety. The students enjoyed the hike in the vicinity of Mt York and the Hartley Valley along with abseiling, rock climbing, initiatives, camp craft, map and compass reading and many other activities organised by the cadet leaders. Thank you to Major Linins, Captain Galvin, Mr Dundon, Mr Harris, Mr Dawes and the Outdoor Education Group for organising such a wonderful experience.

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The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Day Commemorative Service

The Service was held on Sunday, 18 August 2013 and The Scots School Cadet Unit was pleased to be asked to participate and provide a guard of honour. Cadet RSM Peter Deacon gave the commemorative address and was Commander of the Parade which included a large number of Vietnam Veterans. Peter’s address was a moving tribute to the sacrifices made at the Battle of Long Tan. Sergeant Jonathan Gates led the flag party. Thank you to Major Linins and to Cadet Officers who represented the school at this important event: RSM Peter Deacon, Sergeants Jonathan Gates, Angus Inwood, Giamia Radice and Corporals Tegan Brunton, Jesse Wells and Lily Ross.


The School Cadet Ceremonial Parade is held annually on the night before Speech Day.





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