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Boarding for Boys and Girls

Boarding School can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a student's education process. Gone are the days when students were herded into dormitories without comfort or character. Today's boarding is all about pleasant and comfortable accommodation, supervised study and the process of learning to live in a community with other people, sharing the 'give and take' of daily living.


Boarding Handbook
Casual Boarding Form  

Boarding Accommodation

Galloway House

Galloway House is home to our girl boarders. All girls are accommodated in their own cubicles with Year 12 girls enjoying the privacy of their own study bedroom. The Junior Dorm accommodates students from Years 6 to 9. Students in the Junior Dorm study in a designated study area with each girl having her own desk. The Senior Dorm accommodates students from Years 10 and 11. Students in the Senior Dorm study at a desk in their cubicle. The Galloway House Mistress is Mrs Kate Simm.

Galloway Girls Boarding Since 1999      

Bulkeley House

Bulkeley is home to our boy boarders from years 9-12. Boys may be in rooms of between three and eight students, or have a semi-private study cubicle. Year 12 boys enjoy the privacy of either their own study bedroom.  All Senior Boys are provided with King Single sized beds.  The Head of Boarding and Bulkeley House Master is Mr John Day. 

Junior Boys Boarding

The Kennel is home to our boy boarders from Years 6-8.  Boys may be in rooms of between three and ten students.  Mr Cameron Roxburgh is The Kennel House Master.

Boarding Houses

Each boarding house is equipped with recreation rooms, kitchenette facilities, bathrooms, small laundries and television/lounge rooms. Students may bring their own small 'sound system' and computer if they wish. Students may bring their own doonas and favourite pillow and may decorate their rooms with pot plants and suitable pictures or posters.

Parent and Family Contact

Students are able to contact their parents every day from day one at Scots.

Students often use their own mobile phones to call their parents and also use email to stay in touch. There is a land line in each house that parents and family can call students on, provided that all calls are made outside of 'Prep' or Homework time of an evening.

It is vital that the School is able to contact parents at all times. Parents are asked to provide details of contact numbers upon enrolling their child at the School. Parents are also asked to advise the School Office and the Head of House of any changes to address or telephone information as soon as possible.

Parent Weekends

Each term one weekend is set aside as a Parent Weekend. Parent Weekends give families the opportunity to be together at the School and to get to know other families of the School. There are other weekends which may have special activities attached to them but a Parent Weekend usually combines such things as Parent/Teacher interviews, possibly some particular sporting event and other activities such as The Annual Boarding Dinner. The term Chapel Service is held on Parent Weekends. The Parents and Friends meeting is held on Parent Weekends. The Boarder Parent Meeting is usually held on the Saturday afternoon of the Parent Weekends.

Mr Neale Towart, father of Gwenllian, is the President of the Boarders P&F.

Accommodation for Parents is available on most Parent Weekends in Thompson House free of charge. Contact the School reception to make a booking on 02 6331 2766


See Below for a Sample Menu:
Term 2  2016

The School Dining Hall provides nutritionally balanced meals for all students under the guidance of the Catering Manager, Anne Begg. Special menus for vegetarians or for students requiring a medically modified diet can be easily arranged. This is usually done through the Boarding House Master or Mistress. There are always a variety of choices at each meal ensuring most culinary tastes are provided for. Fruit is available at every meal along with hot and cold drinks.


All students are under the direct supervision of the Head of the House. The Head of the House is a member of the teaching staff and lives in a residence attached to the boarding house. The Head of House should be the first point of contact for parents who wish to discuss any matter connected with boarding. The Head of House will work closely with each boarder's Tutor in all matters of a student's welfare.

There is always a resident staff member on duty in each boarding house from the end of the school day until the house is locked for the night and a resident staff member is always in every house overnight. All boarding houses feature security systems for student safety.


The School maintains a strong care for its boarders and allows leave from the school only under certain conditions:

  • Town Leave - Students may travel into Bathurst for shopping one afternoon each week, provided they have no other commitments. Formal uniform is always worn. Travel is by bus, or occasionally taxis at a student's expense.
  • Day Leave - A student may have leave to be with family or friends. Students may spend the day with parents of day students.
  • Overnight/Weekend Leave - Students may have overnight leave on weekends provided that an invitation has been issued by the host and the parents have given their permission.

Clothing, Laundry and Linen

The School arranges for all laundering for Boarders. The clothing laundry is collected twice a week and returned twice a week. Students are provided with clean linen and towels once a week.

Boarders may purchase their uniform clothing requirements at the School Shop. All students must have the minimum number of articles for proper laundering and dry cleaning which Mrs Weal can help you with at the shop. The Boarding House Matron can arrange dry cleaning of appropriate uniform items for students. Boarders are required to wear full uniform for all formal school events but are able to wear neat casual clothing at all other times. They may wear casual clothing to town on weekends but must wear formal uniform to town on weekday afternoons. There is more information about casual clothing for Boarding Students in the Boarding Handbook.


The School has a well-equipped Health Centre with a Registered Nurse on duty throughout the school term. The Health Centre holds all medication for students and monitors all matters of health. With the exception of Insulin and Ventolin, students are not permitted to carry any form of medication with them, including analgesics.

The Health Centre makes all medical appointments for students. We enjoy good relationships with a wide range of health service providers in Bathurst as well as the Bathurst Base Hospital. The Health Centre can be reached on the School telephone number after hours as well as during school time.

As the health of students is most important, parents are asked to be very careful in providing as much information as possible when completing the medical form which is required at enrolment. It would be appreciated if information about major illnesses or injuries which may occur during holidays could be communicated.


The School stands firmly on a Christian foundation and while students from all creeds and backgrounds are welcome at the school, attendance at Chapel and participation in Christian Studies classes is compulsory. The School places considerable importance on Christian Worship. Each Sunday evening an allocated year group are taken into St. Stephen's Church, if students desire they may attend each Sunday evening. There is also a weekly, daytime Chapel service which all Scots Students K-12 and staff attend.

Travel to and from School

The State Government provides free travel to and from boarding school for all students at the beginning and end of term. This travel is sometimes provided for on Long Weekends, where appropriate. All travel is organised through the School Office and Countrylink. Parents are asked to advise of travel arrangements well in advance and should note that, when bookings are confirmed by Country

link, charges apply to any change in booking.

Students are permitted to travel to and from school by other methods of public transport. Boarding students are generally not permitted to travel to and from school while another student is driving, apart from a few exceptions under certain circumstances for Year 12 students.


Mrs Margaret McKay can help with co-ordination of Boarder's travel to and from School.

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