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Highland Gathering

Highland Gathering



2016 Highland Gathering Weekend

Headmaster  Mr David Gates expressed his thanks to The Scots School community in this week’s Highlander. 

Sunday was a wonderful day for the Highland Gathering with a wonderful fair atmosphere with stalls, games, rides and lots of food. There were Thirteen Pipes
Bands organised by Mr Robert Boshier and the Friends of Pipes and Drums, Dance Troupes and Highland Dancers coordinated by Mrs Gillian Gates and
games for the children organised by Mr Adams with his PASS Class. I am very grateful for the enormous commitment of the Highland Gathering Committee
lead by Mr Lindsay Wilde (President of the Parents and Friends), the Friends of Pipes and Drums and the tremendous support of parents, grandparents, students
and staff to enable the weekend to be the fabulous event it was. I wish to thank everyone involved who organised stalls and activities, put up tents and did a great deal more besides, often behind the scenes, to ensure the success of such a large undertaking.

There were many highlights at this year’s Highland Gathering. I wish to thank the team of dedicated parents, students and Old Boys who erected and dismantled the Castle. Our own Pipes and Drums under the leadership of Gil McKenzie represented the school admirably as usual. Other highlights included the mass bands performing together at the closing presentation, the role of our cadets in the Flag Raising Ceremony and the tremendous increase in participation of students in Highland Dancing at The Scots School.

It was a great weekend. Thank you everyone for the part you played. 

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2014 Highland Gathering Weekend
Letter from the President of the Scots School P&F 

I think we should all celebrate another wonderful Highland Gathering. It was a day full of activity and colour with the band competition, equestrian and field demonstrations of dance, gymnastics and martial arts.

I would like to thank all who took part in the day. This is a whole community event and does not happen without the help and participation of everyone. From the proud way the students take to their duties and the professionalism and enthusiasm of our teachers, to the willing parents and grandparents pitching in on the BBQs, school stalls, band competition, equestrian and all the events that take place on the day and the girls of the OBGA who kept the crowd informed throughout the day. Also to all the people who came through the gate and shared this special day, even with the “Scottish Weather” we had for a while in the afternoon.

I’d like to thank the dedicated parents who prepared the grounds and organised the food and drinks for the Highland Gathering. Without this group the day would not be what it is. The castle building team once again provided the spectacular centre piece for the day and had great fun along the way. I also appreciate all those who helped at the end of the day with the important clean up and pull down to ensure the day comes to a clean end.

I’d especially like thank the parents who came early and stayed late on the day and filled in all the tiny details necessary to make the day go smoothly. From keeping the grounds clean and running power to stocking stalls, manning gates and treasury and all the other jobs. They miss out on much of the fun of the day but without them the Highland Gathering would not be what it is.

Thank you all and see you all there next year.
Lindsay Wilde.   

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