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Latest News

Important Announcement from Mr Jeof Falls

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
To all staff, parents, students and other stakeholders,
We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the various forums and meetings over the past several weeks; for your feedback and emails, encouragement and prayers. All views have been considered in the following decisions, which have been made with the absolute priority of ensuring the best possible educational and pastoral outcomes for students.
We are very excited to announce the name of the new school and the structure of the integrated school from the start of 2019. These decisions have been made jointly by the two school boards and the Trustees, with the assistance and support of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW.
Firstly, the name of the new school will be ‘Scots ASC College’. While it was acknowledged that the majority of staff, students and parents preferred a new name, Scots ASC College connects and builds on the best of both The Scots School and All Saints’ College. We resolved that it was important to maintain the strong ‘ASC’ brand acronym in the new name while also including ‘College’. The name also more closely connects the new school with the Presbyterian Church’s other independent colleges: The Scots College, Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney and Presbyterian Ladies’ College Armidale.
Secondly, it has been resolved to combine all boarders on the Scots campus, maintaining the commitment by the two schools to co-ed boarding on the one site. Upgrading of some facilities to accommodate all students to a standard that we expect all boarding students will enjoy will be undertaken before the end of this year.
Thirdly, we are excited to announce the formation of a new Junior, Middle, Senior School structure from the start of 2019, with the Junior School (Kindy to Year 4) and the Middle School (Years 5 to 8) located on the All Saints’ campus, and the Senior School (Years 9 to 12) located on the Scots campus.
Our main reasons for this decision include:
• A K-8 structure located at All Saints’ campus, will allow a K-4 and Years 5-8 sub-school structure to provide a more tailored approach to the developmental needs of students in both these stages, whether they be independent learning needs or accelerated programs for Junior and Middle School students.
• The creation of a Middle School allows for an educational model that is replicated in many outstanding independent schools in Australia but which will be unique in Bathurst.
Such a model allows for home room teachers for some core subjects in Years 7 and 8 so that the ‘jump’ from primary school to secondary school is not as great. This model also allows for some specialist secondary school teachers to teach Years 5 and 6 at a time when they are ready to experience more diversity in teaching style and content.
• Similarly, a Year 9-12 ‘Upper School’ (Stages 5 and 6) located at the Scots campus will provide opportunities for new integrated (and accelerated) classes and programs, which we believe will have a real impact on subject choices and the outcomes for senior students.
• A Junior, Middle, Senior School structure allows and supports our commitment to the benefits of a ‘small-school, home-based’ culture and values which we know our parents deeply appreciate in their school of choice.
• It maintains the excellent pastoral care and sense of community, and allows us to strengthen the co-curricular and other ‘home-based’ activities offered to students, tailored to each stage in the student’s development.
• The Junior and Middle Schools located at the All Saints’ campus and the Senior School located at the Scots campus allows the opportunity for both sites to be maximally utilised for the benefit of all students now and well into the future.
The existing Pre Kindy classes at Scots campus, All Saints’ campus and Lithgow campus will not change, as convenience of location for Pre-Kindy children is so important.
We thank you for your patience over the past two months as we have engaged with staff, students, parents and a range of other stakeholders involved directly in our two great schools.
We realise that these changes will impact on most parents and students. In particular, it will impact on the parents and students attending Junior School at the Scots campus. It will also impact on boarding students in Years 7 and 8, who will be travelling from ‘home’ to ‘school’ each day by bus. We plan to meet with these parents in particular as soon as possible to discuss the implications.
These decisions reflect our vision for an interconnected multidisciplinary school, focused on excellence, utilising the best teachers and school facilities with which we have been blessed through both The Scots School and All Saints’ College.
But the Presbyterian Church’s vision is even bolder than this, in that Scots ASC College will be connecting with our other leading colleges in Sydney and Armidale: The Scots College; PLC in Sydney and PLC in Armidale, for the benefit of students, and teachers.
All our colleges orient their educational programs to the formation of the whole human – an ethos that assumes the need for connections and collaboration, and the development of the spiritual, intellectual and emotional character of each person.
All our colleges are non-selective, and all celebrate the individualism and character of every student in their care. All celebrate a love of learning and the achievement of the potential in every person, whether they be student, or teacher, or support staff member.
We want to be future-focused and connected not only to the best that we offer through our other schools, but connected to the best communities of knowledge and practice globally. We want our students, irrespective of where their careers or employment lead them in the future, whether on the land or in manufacturing or service industries, to be open to the possibilities of global knowledge and best practice.

We know there will be many questions as we develop the Integration Plan and look forward to your further input as we continue down this path over the coming months.

Kind regards,

Jeoffrey R Falls
General Manager
Presbyterian Church
of Australia in NSW

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The Scots School
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Acting Headmaster
All Saints’ College

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