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Sydney Show Report 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


After 2011 being an extremely successful year in the steer section for Scots we ventured into our 2012 show with expectations but we were mindful that we may not top 2011. Amazingly we topped it big time!!
We set off on April 3rd with a big team of 11 steers and 2 heifers. It was going to be along week as we had to endure 6 nights at the show (due to the timing of Easter). Our cattle were ready and looked very well, finished in time and all behaving (most the time!)

Our scans were pleasing and we set off with TSS Rocky Ernie McGodeth (yes there is a story to that name!) in the schools steer middleweight class. Rocky had been prepared by Jess McGrath and Hamish Andrews and we had chosen him as our top steer. He did not disappoint coming out with CHAMPION SCHOOL STEER.
Due to Rockys win in the school section he had to go up against the Open Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight steers for Grand Champion. We sat with anticipation as winning this award 2 years in a row would be amazing and when Jess paraded him he looked a chance. The judge made his decision and for the 2nd year in a row Scots took out GRAND CHAMPION STEER!!  The entire team were ecstatic with tears rolling again!!! Once again we were smothered by photographers and interviews – a burden we took again with pride!
The Auction was that afternoon and as we waited our Grand Steer to be auctioned we were worried as prices were fairly low. The steer before ours only made $1.70/kg – not even saleyard prices! Hamish led Rocky in and the auctioneer could hardly keep up. There was a bidding war with the price being knocked down at an amazing $12.60/kg – A SYDNEY ROYAL RECORD BROKEN BY TSS ROCKY!!!! Other steers sold extremely well such with another 4 steers reaching over the $3.00/kg mark!!

We all ventured home, exhausted but very satisfied with a great show but were nervously be at the presentation of carcases as we had done well.

The results were amazing yet again. Not only did we win the GRAND CHAMPION STEER but we also took out CHAMPION MIDDLEWEIGHT CARCASE AND THEN GRAND CHAMPION CARCASE – with TSS Woody, a Limousin steer  prepared by Georgie Simcock, Stephanie Ferguson and Ned Dawson. He came out on top with 90.5 points. To take out both grand Champions is a very rare event and another very proud moment for TSS cattle team.  Further to this we also took out CHAMPION SCHOOL GROUP OF STEERS and CHAMPION

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BREEDERS GROUP (Jordensprings Limousins)
Our other steers did extremely well winning and placing in may classes:
TSS Milo, prepared by Brooke Andrew and Jonty Boshier went onto win his class and narrowly missed out Reserve Champion Middleweight Steer.
TSS Pumbar (prepared by Rebecca George and Rachel Hibbons) – 3rd in the live judging and 1st in carcase class 8
TSS Simba (prepard by Annabel Shepard and Bronte Doyle) – 6th in the live judging in class 10
TSS Woody (prepared by Georgie Simcock, Stephanie Ferguson and Ned Dawson) – 6th in the live judging in  class 9.
We also took out 5 BRONZE MEDALS and 1 SILVER MEDAL
Stan Hill Trophy – we had 2 selected in the team (out of 3) – TSS Curly (Michelle Fairall, Lily Ross and Kanja LeRoux) and TSS Rocky – team came 2nd!

So yet another successful year.
Special thanks must go to:
Terry Denniss and Jordensprings Limousins for yet again supplying us with such superior genetics to work with.
Llandillo Poll Herefords for supplying us with 2 fabulous steers
Miss Dianna George – Dianna did prac work with us and she is going to make an amazing Ag teacher one day!! Thanks Dianna for all the hard work and laughs!!!!!!!
The Parents – you are amazing people to work with. Your support of everything we do in this team is endless and I can’t thank you enough.
A special thank you to Trevor George – Trevor travelled down to Sydney from Nevertire to help out due to my father’s illness and he will never understand the strength and support he gave me!
And last but definitely not least the wonderful team members: Emma Boland, Laura Pollard, Jess McGrath, Nathan Warton (inhouse photographer!), Georgie Simcock, Annabel Shepard, Edith Lennon, Kanja LeRoux, Kristen McAndrew, Maddie Miller, Laura Wright,  Natalie Bowles, Sam Pateman, Rebecca George, Brooke Andrew, Robbie Hayward, Jonty Boshier, Hugh Lennon, Bronte Doyle, Hamish Andrew, Ben McGrath, Stephanie Ferguson, Michelle Fairall, Henry Quant.

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